About Our Services 1) Wealth Preservation

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3) Wealth Administration

This encompasses our investment services, including portfolio construction and ongoing manager selection and monitoring. All Global Asset Management Group portfolios are customized for each investor and we employ an open architecture. Managers are selected for best in class and portfolio fit.


We believe that education of clients is critical to both the success of the wealth planning process and our relationship with that client.  We bring internal and external providers of customized wealth education programs together with our clients to create appropriate curriculums aimed at increasing knowledge of the many aspects of investing and wealth.

Estate Planning

We help clients understand their existing estate planning structures, as well as, determine whether the documents already in place meet their current goals.  We offer advice on cutting-edge estate planning methods and will work with client’s attorneys to implement suitable solutions.

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Philanthropy Planning

Many of our clients have ambitious charitable goals, but are unsure of the best way to implement and achieve their objectives.  We work with several outside experts in this area to assist our clients in developing and activating “wise giving” plans.  We are also very active in advising on the overall investment strategies of the foundations and endowments with which our clients are associated.

Real Estate Services

Because of our extensive knowledge in real estate we are able to provide guidance with all real estate ownership and transaction needs. In many cases, we are able to facilitate significant savings for our clients in the purchase or sale of real estate properties.

Life Insurance

A well-planned life insurance policy enables your loved ones to cover their immediate cash needs in the event of your death, but should also replace your income so that your family maintains their current standard of living. We believe in providing families with a benefit that can be invested conservatively, generating interest earnings sufficient to pay monthly expenses. 

Mortgage Planning

Every client’s financial plan includes managing both sides of their balance sheet. We keep track of the interest rates and loan terms for all of our clients’ existing mortgages.  We watch interest rates and lending rates closely and notify our clients when more beneficial financing opportunities are identified.